The Umbraco Journey begins


And so it begins.. this will be my first shared journey, normally I suffer in peace but since this is a digital age why should only I know of my suffering.

I have “seen” umbraco before, updated some web controls in an already made setup no sweat, the code base is .NET so that wasn’t that hard but apparently thats only the top of the iceberg called Umbraco cms.

The challenge at hand: Create a new umbraco 7.2 website, make changes to the visual apperance of the website and the users cms interface while implementing already existing usercontrols.

what I need to do:

  • Get info about what umbraco consist of.
  • Get books and links about the umbraco building blocks
  • Read books and links related to umbraco
  • Try out new knowlegde

Quite a handfull I would say and that is just the requirements I need to fullfill before I can even begin the real task at hand.

I will write all my findings about how I will accumulate all this knowlegde into something I can use to better myself and get out of this personal developer crisis called any normal day at the office.

I hope you will enjoy this journey with me.

feel free to comment on anything.


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