Umbraco Journey DAY 2

I chose to start with AngularJS, I have been reading some 60 pages and tried some of the new stuff I have learned. I started by creating a AngulaJS development setup, for this I needed nodejs, bootstrap themes, connect and Angular.js. nodejs is the javascript framework, bootstrap is a common theme that enables you to show some nice standard CSS styles, connect is a nodejs program that made it possible to create a local server to host my new angularjs webapps and angular.js is the angular framework that extend nodejs with angular functionality.

Everything from installation of each program and the setup of a local server is decribed in the book “Pro Angular JS” so it was quite easy to get started and the bumps I hit on the way because of outdated nodejs guides or connect versions was easy solved by a quick google search, the language in the book is nice and it is easy to understand and follow.

I’ve already made my first angularJS App, it’s quite simple though, listing a few items and giving the user the possibility to add or delete items, only cached data or default data as JSON but I think that I will soon get to saving/updating data.

There was even a quick introduction to the MVC pattern that is used in angularjs apps which is quite nice if that were something you didn’t know about.

public_service_announcementAs a side note, I’ve been browsing umbracos own very extensive website . If you need any information or any help as either a developer or editor this is the place to be. The team behind umbraco have been pouring all there knowlegde into this nice site, everything is here and I mean everything. The community around umbraco is also very nice, all easy going folk with the right attitude and the right help where help is needed mindset, ask a question on the forum and you will get appropriate help nice and fast. kudos Umbraco your setting is very friendly.


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