Umbraco Journey DAY 3


Pages read : 190

Right now it feels like I’m running and getting somewhere the Pro Angular book have guided me through the angular app that shows all the possibilities there is with angular. I must say I’m impressed in mere hours I’ve made a good looking Webapp with product listing and a checkout cart with all the fundamental functionalities, while in the process getting to know the basic fundamentals og angular and using some of the more advanced components.

Angular is full of libraries that support a big variety of functions, but you need to know what you need and where to find the librarys, the lack of code completion and code help that many .NET languages have is sometime missed because you have to know what you can do in angular and javascript in .NET you can “dot” your way into functions and methods while you’re looking for your solution.

The possiblity for saving functions in objects in javascript is both awesome and confusing the transperancy I’m used to with the .NET languages is somewhat shattered with javascript, this might be something that need some time before I’m used to the concept, but I can definitetly see the endless possibilities.

The next thing in angularJS I’m digging into is how one might go about controlling a website with admin users, having the possibility to restrict some users and giving the administrators some extra functions like keeping track of orders, I’m looking forward to learning about how angularJS facilitate these kind of functionalities.


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