Umbraco Journey DAY 3


Pages read : 190

Right now it feels like I’m running and getting somewhere the Pro Angular book have guided me through the angular app that shows all the possibilities there is with angular. I must say I’m impressed in mere hours I’ve made a good looking Webapp with product listing and a checkout cart with all the fundamental functionalities, while in the process getting to know the basic fundamentals og angular and using some of the more advanced components.

Angular is full of libraries that support a big variety of functions, but you need to know what you need and where to find the librarys, the lack of code completion and code help that many .NET languages have is sometime missed because you have to know what you can do in angular and javascript in .NET you can “dot” your way into functions and methods while you’re looking for your solution.

The possiblity for saving functions in objects in javascript is both awesome and confusing the transperancy I’m used to with the .NET languages is somewhat shattered with javascript, this might be something that need some time before I’m used to the concept, but I can definitetly see the endless possibilities.

The next thing in angularJS I’m digging into is how one might go about controlling a website with admin users, having the possibility to restrict some users and giving the administrators some extra functions like keeping track of orders, I’m looking forward to learning about how angularJS facilitate these kind of functionalities.


Umbraco Journey DAY 2

I chose to start with AngularJS, I have been reading some 60 pages and tried some of the new stuff I have learned. I started by creating a AngulaJS development setup, for this I needed nodejs, bootstrap themes, connect and Angular.js. nodejs is the javascript framework, bootstrap is a common theme that enables you to show some nice standard CSS styles, connect is a nodejs program that made it possible to create a local server to host my new angularjs webapps and angular.js is the angular framework that extend nodejs with angular functionality.

Everything from installation of each program and the setup of a local server is decribed in the book “Pro Angular JS” so it was quite easy to get started and the bumps I hit on the way because of outdated nodejs guides or connect versions was easy solved by a quick google search, the language in the book is nice and it is easy to understand and follow.

I’ve already made my first angularJS App, it’s quite simple though, listing a few items and giving the user the possibility to add or delete items, only cached data or default data as JSON but I think that I will soon get to saving/updating data.

There was even a quick introduction to the MVC pattern that is used in angularjs apps which is quite nice if that were something you didn’t know about.

public_service_announcementAs a side note, I’ve been browsing umbracos own very extensive website . If you need any information or any help as either a developer or editor this is the place to be. The team behind umbraco have been pouring all there knowlegde into this nice site, everything is here and I mean everything. The community around umbraco is also very nice, all easy going folk with the right attitude and the right help where help is needed mindset, ask a question on the forum and you will get appropriate help nice and fast. kudos Umbraco your setting is very friendly.

Umbraco Journey DAY 1



I have been doing some research into umbraco building block’s and which technologies that have been used to power this friendly CMS system, my findings where that the core consist of :

  • Angular JS
  • Razor
  • HTML5
  • CSS3

I have worked with ASP.NET, C# and VB.NET, there I’m somehow covered, the webpart is a little more hazy, in my youth I was working with basic html and css but much have changed in that ally, and the rest well I don’t know where AngularJS comes from but it’s not a country I’m familiar with, and razor well thats something I use when I’m shaving…

So I have found my sore spots and needs to remedy them by reading and trial and error. The books I have decided to use is :

AngularJS  : Pro AngularJS by Adam Freeman

Razor : Programming Razor by Jess Chadwick

HTML5/CSS3 : HTML5  & CSS3 For The Real World by Alexis Goldstein, Louis Lazaris & Estelle Weyl

Some of them is old school already but it seems like the basic is there and from there I can always go further so now I will begin reading..

I will report back as I go along.

The Umbraco Journey begins


And so it begins.. this will be my first shared journey, normally I suffer in peace but since this is a digital age why should only I know of my suffering.

I have “seen” umbraco before, updated some web controls in an already made setup no sweat, the code base is .NET so that wasn’t that hard but apparently thats only the top of the iceberg called Umbraco cms.

The challenge at hand: Create a new umbraco 7.2 website, make changes to the visual apperance of the website and the users cms interface while implementing already existing usercontrols.

what I need to do:

  • Get info about what umbraco consist of.
  • Get books and links about the umbraco building blocks
  • Read books and links related to umbraco
  • Try out new knowlegde

Quite a handfull I would say and that is just the requirements I need to fullfill before I can even begin the real task at hand.

I will write all my findings about how I will accumulate all this knowlegde into something I can use to better myself and get out of this personal developer crisis called any normal day at the office.

I hope you will enjoy this journey with me.

feel free to comment on anything.


Hello World….

The bits are biting and the zero’s won’t align properly to everyone’s understanding or mine for that matter, because I’m not just anyone I’m a developer… or so I thought… this is my realization for the moment anyway… I will get that developer feeling back.. my survival depends on it.

Thats the feeling I get when I’m pushed into the corner of “shit I don’t know how to solve this”. How to overcome it well there is nothing else but looking forward and learning what you don’t already know which could be anything and everything.

best of luck to me.. because here the journey starts!